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Welcome to All Around This World's Livecast classes!


Register on this page for All Around This World's Livecast classes. We're going to have a wonderful time singing, dancing and learning together!

You will find the live class schedule HERE.

HOW/WHEN/HOW MUCH DO YOU PAY? If you have already paid for a course on ( or signed up for the weekly subscription, you don't need to pay any more to register for Livecast classes.

You may pay for classes directly rather than signing up for a course on Teachable, I accept payment by Paypal  ( or Venmo (@allaroundthisworld).

The best bet? BUY a 10 CLASS CARD

Your 10 class card will entitle you to attend 10 All Around This World Live classes, and, when they resume, "real life" classes too.  The card will never expire. When you buy a "card" I'll send you an image with 10 numbers for you to print. After you come to a class, you'll cross off a number. Easy!  When you've come to 10 classes, time for another card.

The suggested price for a 10 Class Card is $150. If that doesn't work for your family, don't worry. All Around This World livecast classes are "pay-what-you-can"/sliding scale. You choose the amount that works best.

You may also pay a drop-in rate per class. Families that pay per class have generally been paying $10-$17.


I suggest you register for a regular class time and try to come at that time each week. If you fix a date on your calendar, not only will be more likely to come, but you and your kids will also have the chance to get used to me and to the songs we'll be singing all season.

For the rest of the summer (July and August 2020) we'll be singing songs from the "Connect the Dots" season, exploring cross-border themes in global music.

I'll be happy to answer all questions.

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