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Welcome to All Around This World's Livecast classes!

If you would like to sign up for the debut series of Explore Everywhre livestreaming classes, register here! We're going to have a wonderful time singing, dancing and learning together. 

"Come to class" any time you like. You'll find the updated weekly schedule here

How/when/how much do you pay? If you have already paid for a course on (, including having signed up for the weekly subscription, you don't need to pay any more to register for Livecast classes. If you haven't, I accept payment for Livecast classes at or Venmo (@allaroundthisworld).  All classes are "pay-what-you-can"/sliding scale. You choose the tuition amount that works best for your family.  You can also choose to pay per class, or pay ahead for the series. As a guide, All Around This World's "real world" classes run between $15 and $20 per class. Pay what feels right. (If you can't pay, still come to class!) I will keep the livecast schedule updated at, about halfway down the page, and at Look there to see how many classes reamain in the series. 

You are welcome to drop in to any classes you want and don't have to register. On the other hand, I suggest you register for a regular class time and try to come at that time each week! If you fix a date on your calendar, not only will be more likely to come, but you and your kids will also have the chance to get used to me, to the oddity of taking class by video, and to the songs we'll be singing all season. 

PLUS, once you register for a specific class time (using the drop-down menu below), I will send you a code to grant you free access to related curriculum materials available at For example, if you register for All Around This World: Africa live classes, you will receive a code to access the All Around This World: Africa course materials hosted on You will keep receiving All Around This World: Africa weekly e-mails until you change your course preference, which you can do any time. 

NOTE: this process is not automatic; codes are currently sent "by hand." Please allow up to a few days to receive your code. You may still enjoy live classes in the meantime. 

NOTE: If you're subscribing to the Explore Everywhere "All-Access" 12 class bundle, feel free to come to any livestream classes you like. You'll receive an e-mail each week based upon a general schedule, taking you around the world on AATW's three year curriculum cycle. If you're an "all access" subscribe but would like to attend a specific livestream course -- for example, if each week you'll come to the "Kids Explore Eastern Europe" class -- list that course in the "do you have anything else to add" box at the bottom of the form and I'll send you the Kids Explore Eastern Europe course details too.

Complicated? Sorry! I'm trying to give everyone complete flexibilty. What we're all gaining in choices, we lose in clarity. Questions? I'll be happy to answer all questions.
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